Ida Bagus Made

Ida Bagus Made Poleng (1915-1999; Tebasaya, Gianyar, Bali), better known as Ida Bagus Made, first learned painting from his father, Ida Bagus Made Kembeng (1897-1952), a Pitamaha artists' association member who won the Argent Certificate of Merit and a Silver Medal at the 1937 International Exposition in Paris, France.

Poleng also was a member of Pitamaha. Some of his works featured figures based on diagrams of balinese magic. Under the influence of Rudolf Bonnet (Dutch, 1895-1978), he focused instead on scenes of daily life with more naturalistic looking figures and foliage in softer colors.

Awards :

  • Wija Kusuma (Gianyar, Bali)
  • Dharma Kusuma (Bali, 1980)

Collections :

  • Taman budaya (Denpasar, Bali)
  • Tropenmuseum (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (Leiden, Holland)


  • Museum Nasional (Jakarta, Indonesia , 1995)


Ida Bagus Made